Go-On Productions* is the entity that showcases Nadine Thouin's independent multidisciplinary art projects.

A focus on humanist and universal themes form the heart of a vast repertoire that reveals her commitment to global issues. Drawing upon her travels to the four corners of the world, Thouin invites us to experience a panoramic creative vision. Her works unveiled for and through the eye of the camera to travel further, reach new audiences, and democratize themselves. "Living Cinema" defines the core of her productions.

The artist's role is to be a catalyst who sets off an interaction with the world. An artist has the power to mirror society, rousing and stirring our emotions. In order to transmit values and important social concerns, Go-On Productions proposes the emergence of new forms of artistic interactions aimed to counter social indifference and collective memory loss. This is its challenge and its mission.


Ideation, Artistic, Multimedia & Digital Conception-Realization, Direction, Teaching & Consultancy - Film & Game Content/ Performances/ Special Events/ Conferences/ Master Classes/ Training & Workshops

* Go-On works on a project base involving different locations and teams for each production. Originally initiated in Paris, France (1996), as Snell Thouin Project/Physical Theater (STP), and founded in Montreal (2000). The company changed it's branding for Go-On Productions | Nadine Thouin in 2005.

History of Production Support

As real Art in it's true value, Go-On | Nadine Thouin* is not a grant recipient entity** supported by the peer review process in Canada. It is not funded by any government or private financial source for it's activities. The majority of productions since 1985 have been autoproduced. Today the Arts have become a “trade” promoted as : “Creative or Cultural Industry***”. It is therefore inaccurate to proclaim "trade industry" as Art, or as creative in the Arts and even less to define a culture by the grant recipients of an industry.

* After the success of the first co-production in history between Canada and China, “Bone” (2002-04), Go-On, Nadine Thouin's 33 applications for financial support during 2006-07 have been systematically declined. Nadine Thouin's carreer begins first as a soloist dancer (1971), in 1984 as a teacher, and since 1985 as a creator, director & producer. She is today reconised as a reputed therapist in China regarding her artistic work.
** ”Les artistes canadiens ne sont pas vraiment des artistes, ils sont plutôt des récipiendaires.” Le Québécois Libre
***Real Creative – Section “Creativity and the Business of Art” by Nadine Thouin at The 18th International Congress of Aesthetics/ICA 2010-Beijing University.

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