Internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, dancer, choreographer, teacher and director, Nadine Thouin, founder of Go-On Productions, is renowned for her boldness and creativity. Her career spans over 25 years, encompassing 28 productions performed in more than 20 countries and 40 cities around the globe. Her artistic journey is anything but typical.

Thouin took her first steps on stage in the 1970s at the age of four. She began teaching dance and theater in 1985 and has since shared her wealth of knowledge with over 50 renowned academies and companies worldwide. In 1999, Canadian embassies and consulates recognized her as a cultural ambassador to Asia.

First invited to China in 1999 by Yang Meiqi (the mother of modern dance in China) to participate in a conference and to give a masterclass hosted by the Guongdong Modern Dance Company. Followed by CASH (2000), a guided tour into the central nervous system of the world, covered over 108,000 kilometers, five countries in Asia and through the Chinese media alone, the company has been exposed to over 600 million spectators. Invited by Willy Tsao, her creation BONE (2002), in collaboration with the Beijing Modern Dance Company (Gao Yanginzi) and the first multidisciplinary dance co-production between Canada and China, was the subject of a documentary film broadcast on Bravo! TV. The film was a Jury Finalist at the Lincoln Center in New York as part of Dance On Camera’s world tour and continues to be screened internationally. Her choreographic work was selected for study and analysis in 2004 at the world-renowned Beijing Dance Academy in the frame of the art history program. STOP (2005), an eternal departure, headlined the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival in 2006, before to undertake an important tour of China. Her innovative work with the camera caught the attention of a new audience, in 2006, she choreographed for the feature length film 300 (Warner Bros.).

As a result of her successful entrepreneurship, CINARS invited her to conduct a workshop-conference on cultural market development aimed at major members of the Canadian art scene. During 2006-07, she acted as a partner and consultant for Cirque du Soleil overseeing the artistic development of the company's dance projects in China. The book The History & Appreciation of Foreign Dance (Beijing-08) by Dr Ou Jian Ping, Outstanding Expert of the Cultural Ministry of China, cited Nadine Thouin as the leading Canadian modern dance representative and as a history maker in physical theater.

During 2008, in Dubai she presented DUST TO CONCRETE, a cross cultural multidisciplinary performance; a first of it's kind in the United Arab Emirates. Invited by Wang Yuanyuan in 2009, WHITE, the pilot episode of THE BLACK SERIES, was transformed into a contemporary ballet for the Beijing Dance Theater, premiering in Summer 2009 at The Peoples Liberation Army Theater for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Peoples Republic of China. In 2010, she was invited to present a paper entitled REAL CREATIVE at The Eighteenth International Congress of Aesthetics, hosted by Peking University, a resume of her 40 years of career in seven pages.

In 2014, she began a new endevour, The Autonomous Project, as a rejection of the system of mindless self-indulgence, along with her collaborator Faral Averill. In the secluded beauty of nature, they together built up an infrastructure dedicated to creation without limits, where she now pursues her research of body language as an artist and therapist.

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