[SHARE] 2010/Present

A living cinema project by Nadine Thouin and Faral Averill.

  [THE BLACK SERIES] 2007/Present

A digital concept (film, 3D animation, and mixed art) for creativity without limits. Dedicated to a free internet audience to enlage communication, exchange and development.

[STOP] 2004-2006

Freeze frame. We become voyeurs.

One of the more challenging works of the Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) 2006.

— VIDF, Vancouver 2006


[BONE] 2002-2007

A first co-production in modern dance between Canada and China, plus a documentary film on World Tour.

A veritable hymn to life. Trail-blazing performance...that points in the direction of a new artistic current.

— China Times, October, China, 2002

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