YELLOW RIVER - The Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese civilization, the mother river, and the cradle of China. The river can attest to its evolution, its transformation and challenges ahead.

"The future is situated in the progression of the past, therefore it is my belief that innovation often stems from tradition. The goal is renewal, a recreation without removing its identity, its roots, that which defines us, which belongs to us and which makes us unique."

— Nadine Thouin

Filmed in the small town of Yongjing, located in the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu province. Travelling by boat, along the Yellow River from the Liujiaxia Dam to the famous Bingling Si Temple, with its hundreds of engravings, statues and murals, carved out of the sheer cliff faces over the course of a millenium by Buddist monks. Passing through the crystal blue waters of the river where it mixes with the deep red sediments of the surrounding cliffs, giving the Yellow River its name.

[Filmed and Edited by Nadine Thouin and Faral Averill]

[Press article Sept-Days Chinese language newspaper Montreal]

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