STOP (Go-On | Nadine Thouin), headlines the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival in 2006 in Guangzhou (China).

STOP is an eternal departure...

Guangdong Modern Dance Festival poster, 2006. photograph by Andrew Law

STOP, clip animations. [Click the images to view clips]


STOP, demo video.

Thouin's body is hard-wired to some invisible but potent power source. It's as if she is connected to an enormous hydro-electric dam behind which lies a huge pool of emotions waiting to be transformed into motion. Audiences get a chance to zoom closer to her throbbing heart through video eyes that stare into her eyes, slide down her throat, penetrate her underbelly, feel her guts. Nadine named her company Go-On and named this piece STOP the contradiction in directions indicates that STOP is an illusion.

— Jay Hirabayashi, VIDF Director, Vancouver, 2006

The dancing was spectacular... Nadine Thouin's vision is complex and unique.
The resulting images of
STOP, blown up to 20 times lifesize, graphically revealed Thouin's command of her body; her feet are as articulate as an Asian temple dancer's hands.

The Georgia Straight, Alexander Varty, Vancouver, March 2006

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