WHITE — Co-production Credits
Stage Production Team
Go-On Productions & The Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater

Direction, Original Concept and Choreography
Nadine Thouin

Original Musical
Michel Drapeau
"Prelude of a Foretold War"
— Menace
— Prayer and Tower of Babylon
— Darkness of War
— Invasion
— Parade
— Exile and the Caravan of Illusion

3D Animation and Video Editing
Faral Averill

Dancers of The Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater (BCDT)

Performer in Video
Nadine Thouin

Rehearsal Master
Zhang Xin, Angelina Lin

National Ballet of China

Zhang Nan

Live Video On Stage
Nadine Thouin

Video Projection Operator
Zhao Qiang

Stage Manager
Lui Bo

Video Archieve
Faral Averill, Nadine Thouin, Tang Liu, Chunliang Zhao,
Liwei Zhao, Bokai Zhang

WHITE, the pilot episode of THE BLACK SERIES, transformed into a contemporary ballet for the Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater (BCDT), premiered at the People's Liberation Army Theater in Beijing on August 28th 2009 as part of PRISM, a triple bill with Louise Midjord (Royal Danish Ballet) and Pontus Lidberg (Royal Swedish Ballet). Among only twelve performances selected by the Beijing Municipal Government to represent the official celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, PRISM, was the only to involve the work of international artists.

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