A Digital Content Creator (specializing in 3D animation), who's works have been broadcast around the world through a variety of different media outlets, including cinema, television, live performances and the Internet. His artistic focus has largely been centred around performing arts and film animation in relation to the context of its cinematographic progression and the fusion of the two mediums. Faral Averill has been a principal collaborator at Go-On Productions since 2005, acting as media specialist on several projects including STOP (2006 China-Canada tours), DUST TO CONCRETE (2008 Dubai), WHITE (2009-2013 China-World tour), LOSING BALANCE (2011 China), YELLOW RIVER (2011 China) and Go-On's upcoming production SHARE.
1. Select an icon 2. Press the play button on the scrollbar 3. Select the icon again. Click anywhere on the screen to clear the video gallery. Made using CSS and HTML only.

Instructions for manipulating objects in the X3D box:

Using a mouse:
Left mouse button: Rotate
Middle mouse button: Translate
Right mouse button: Zoom

Using a two button touch pad:
Left button: Rotate
Right button: Zoom
Ctrl + Left button: Translate

Keyboard Controls:
A Key: Bring object into full view (Press this key if oject is not visible)
R Key: Reload scene (Press this key if oject is not visible)
M Key: View mesh mode
E Key: Default examine mode
D Key: Console data
Space Key: Statistics
G Key: Grab mode
F Key + mouse: Fly mode
W/L/U/O Key + mouse: Various forms of movement (not recommended)
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Make HTML5 Games with CONSTRUCT 2
Game Controls (Keyboard):

Left arrow: Move left
Right arrow: Move right
Up arrow: Jump
Space bar: Shoot

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